Ready to go with cloth diapers? 

How many cloth diapers do you need for your entire diapering period?

Take into account the age of your baby or toddler.
  •  Newborns and infants will need 10 to 12 changes a day.
  • Toddler however, will need 8 to 10 changes a day.

You need to determine how often you will be doing your laundry.
Take into consideration that cloth diapers must be changes after they are soiled, wet or roughly every two – three hours during the day.

If you willing to do your laundry daily,
 you’ll need as least as many diapers as the number of diaper changes you do in one day.
 Example, you change diapers every 2 hours, so, 24 hours divided into 2 hours, you’ll require 1 dozen diapers.

For doing laundry every two days, you’ll have to multiply the amount to 2, which means, 1 dozen times 2. You’ll need 2 dozens and so on.

Here are some reasonable estimates of how many diapers will be needed:

Newborn (3 – 5 kg) : 2-3 dozens
Infant ( 6 – 12 kg) : 1.5 to 2 dozen
Toddler (13 – 17 kg) : 1 dozen

Pre Wash
Instruction for your newly bought Cloth Diaper
Do take note that all new cloth diapers are required to be pre wash prior to use.

Wash and dry new cloth diapers at least up to 3-5 times to remove chemicals. It will increase the absorbency of your cloth diapers.

Washing your Cloth Diaper (CD)

  • Separate the inserts and the diaper cover.
  • Throw it into washing machine
  • It is recommended if you Pre Wash your Cloth Diaper (a Rinse Cycle) before you proceed to Main Wash.
  •  Pour in the CD friendly detergent (1/4 cup per wash load) i.e. PUREEN H.A.D. [Get the cheapest detergent! no softener, no whitening & no enzymes]
  • Select NORMAL Cycle Program.
  • Once completed, line dry both inserts & diaper cover
  • Line Dry in the sun ~ Is the best option

Using the Right Detergent.
A simple guide to choose a perfect DETERGENT for your CD, make sure : 
  • NO enzymes
  • NO Whitener
  • NO Bleach
  • NO Softener.

For Malaysian market, here is our recommendation

  • TOP RECOMMENDATION: Pureen HAD (Powder or liquid) Powder is highly suggested. It saves your money A LOT!
  • COSWAY Kiddie Wash
  • LESS RECOMMENDED: Trojan/TOP – get the cheapest one, and..make sure, the ingredients are none like the above

Cloth Diaper Size

Cloth diaper comes in sized or one size. Here are the different between these two:

1. One Size Diaper (OS) 
  • Made to fit most babies from birth to potty training (Estimated from new born to 2 ½ yrs of age)
  • It usually has a snap button that allow you to adjust the size of the diaper as baby grows
  • Snaps or Velcro closure
  • Most of one size diapers are All-In-One (AIO) /Pocket Diapers.
  • It has a waterproof shell, a pocket and often come with one or two inserts.
  • It can be worn during day or night

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